The Fury And The Fire (Album)

The Fury And The Fire - Andrew Martin (2005) album cover
Andrew Martin – The Fury And The Fire (2005) album


  1. Amnesty/Wreckage
  2. I’ll Be Gone
  3. Secret Army
  4. Finding My Feet
  5. While You Were Sleeping (MJY Dark Beat Mix)
  6. Gotta Get Over You

The Fury And The Fire was the first solo album from Andrew Martin where he used his own name. The album features collaborations with poet and journalist Alan Pedder (Amnesty/Wreckage), former bandmate Dario Galasso (I’ll Be Gone), and remixer Matthew Youens who provided an alternate mix to one of the album’s singles (While You Were Sleeping).

Whilst the album was originally released on CD in 2005, it was finally released to digital platforms in 2009.

Released: 27th June 2005.

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