Andrew Martin is a British singer, songwriter, musician, and producer of electronic pop music. He is also known for co-writing children’s books, and narrating and providing character voices for a children’s audio book.

Musical Influences

His music is heavily influenced by 1980s pop, and 1990s dance, including artists like Kraftwerk, Portishead, Bjork, Kiasmos, Roisin Murphy, George Michael, Tricky, Cathy Dennis, Kylie Minogue, Danny Elfman, Beck, Goldfrapp, Nick Cave, Morcheeba, and John Barry.

Early Career: 1989-1999

Andrew learned to play his PSS-270 Yamaha keyboard by ear as a child, and would enjoy playing TV themes, and simple-form pop songs of the time. This resulted in him writing a song with two school friends and performing it in 1989. Since then, he wrote a large number of songs as a teenager, although very few were recorded, and of those, most lurk on cassette tapes that are safely stored away.

He did record 3 albums during this period namely Dancing Everybody’s Energy (1990), Honest? (1994), and Feline (1996), and all under the guise of pseudonyms Rather Cool (1989-1990), and then Supernatural (1993-1998).

2000-2005: Octosound and The Fury And The Fire

In 2001 he became a founding member of a 6-piece Cambridge-based band Octosound which he initially started with as the piano/keyboard player. This eventually evolved to vocals, where he remained until about 2004 before leaving the band.

In August 2002, Andrew released his first solo single under his own name While You Were Sleeping – a heavy electronic beats and synth-laden track that came into being after he was invited to contribute a track to a fundraising compilation ‘Skyline Songs’. This track was influenced by the the electronic layered sounds of Björk’s ‘Vespertine’ album with Matmos. He followed this was the release of single Amnesty/Wreckage – a collaboration with journalist, poet, and photographer Alan Peddar, and then the release of his album The Fury And The Fire in 2005.

Other collaborations

During this period he collaborated with songwriter and producer Matthew Youens, with Matt producing many remixes, dubs, and edits. In return, Andrew went on to cover Matt’s track Silent Screamer.

During this time he continued recording as a solo artist, and collaborated on a handful of tracks with former bandmate Dario Galasso, which resulted in a number of tracks including I’ll Be Gone (from The Fire And The Fury album) and the hauntingly murderous ballad On The Rocks, with whom he is joined on vocals by Dario, and singer Meg Spencer-Thomas.

2006-2009: The Vorticist

By 2008, and with an album and band membership behind him, Andrew was ready to go again with new single A Moment With You – giving him a catchy robotic dance sound. He followed this with single Irresistible, a single that also spawned a remix competition, which itself resulted in future collaborations with Sean Goes Pop! (aka Idioteque/Sean Michael Smith) and German DJ/Producer Sven Erler.

At this time, Andrew was actively writing and recording for his next album The Vorticist, resulting in a large number of demo recordings.

2010s-present day

By 2011, Andrew was ready to release his robotic single Humankind, and ran a competition again to establish some new remixes. Whilst the single hasn’t seen release to date, it did result in a number of the remixes, and winning releases from DJ Fernando Contura, and Lithuanian remixer Des Seb.

I Am The Lion was released in 2013, taking a different musical style to some of his previous singles, but bringing him attention from worldwide audiences, with his digital-first single achieving sales in new regions.

Andrew collected his earlier remix tracks and released them for the first time on 2016’s Mixes album, airing new versions of songs reaching right back to 2002’s While You Were Sleeping recordings.

After adding a few cover songs for Christmas, Andrew released original track Father Christmas Is On His Way in 2018, giving him his first song to also be pressed to vinyl.

Andrew is currently recording an all-new line-up of tracks for The Vorticist, with track I Don’t Need A Lover tipped for release first. The album is also known to include songs You’ll Always Be Waiting, Back For More, and These Days.

Andrew will also be appearing in Series 3 of Australian radio sci-fi comedy Night Terrace, starring author Neil Gaiman, and actress Jackie Woodburn (Susan Kennedy from Neighbours). His back catalogue of songs sometimes turn up on the BBC, and he has amassed a number of podcast appearances.

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