Mixes (Album)

Andrew Martin - Mixes (2016) album
Andrew Martin – Mixes (2016) album


  1. A Moment With You (Idioteque Remix)
  2. Humankind (TRansmute! Humans In Space Remix)
  3. I’ll Be Gone (MJY Club Mix)
  4. Amnesty/Wreckage (MJY Mix)
  5. Irresistible (Garax Hyrojacks Mix)
  6. While You Were Sleeping (MJY Dark Nova Mix)
  7. Humankind (Des Seb Remix)
  8. Irresistible (FX Cannon ReDux)
  9. Silent Screamer (MJY Orchestral Version)
  10. Humankind (DJ Fernando Contura Remix)

Andrew released his remix album, Mixes, in 2016, showcasing 10 tracks that were remixed by collaborators over the previous 11 years (to the day) since The Fury And The Fire was released. Included here are also the remix competition winning entries TRansmute! Humans In Space Remix and the Des Seb Remix of his song Humankind, which saw the tracks finally get released.

The album was released to digital platforms worldwide.

Released: 27th June 2016

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